Sortology is a business established to help the plastics, recycling and waste industries realise value from plastic by-product streams, both post-industrial and post-consumer.

We do this by novel processing polymer mixtures and releasing the separated components for re-use in plastic manufacturing.


    • At Sortology – We commoditise the plastics in your waste

Many post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste consists of mixtures of different polymer types, along with various other contamination. This is either as a consequence of manufacture, where two or more types of plastic are present in one product, or because the waste collection method results in a contaminated mixture.

Failure to recover ‘pure’ polymers from the waste stream means the value of the recovered plastic remains low, when compared to first generation (virgin) Polymer. The result is that millions of tonnes of mixed polymer waste are land-filled or exported every year. However, the cost benefit to all parts of the plastic chain are huge. Recovery of pure materials offers not only a lower disposal cost (or purchase price) but offers new opportunities for businesses who need recycled plastic in their products.

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